KEPW is dedicated to sharing news about current issues locally, nationally and worldwide The following live video is from the protest happening right now at the JFK airport, demanding the release of visa holders and refugees being detained there

KEPW needs your support to get on the air!

With the results of this election, more than ever it is important for independent media to give voice to those left unheard through corporate media outlets.  Now operating out of our office in Growers Market, KEPW is already streaming online with programming that shines light on swept-under-the-rug issues and brings diverse voices to the air.  We … Read more


Screen shots of volunteers

  PRESS RELEASE:  From Podcasting to Programming “EUGENE, Ore.”  Eugene PeaceWorks and Reality Kitchen, Bakery and Cafe will be co-sponsoring a fund raising and awareness event with food, beer, wine and cider, next Friday, April 29, 2016 from 6:30-8 p.m. held at Reality Kitchen, where members of the public are invited to attend a celebratory … Read more

Our Children’s Trust Present Cast Against Federal Government

John Abbe interviewed Nate Bellinger at the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference (PIELC) on March 5th, 2016. Listen to Nate discuss the landmark case taking place in Eugene, Oregon regarding Climate Change.   When it comes to our climate, do we the people have fundamental constitutional rights? Does our federal government have public trust responsibilities? Wednesday’s … Read more

NE10: KEPW 97.3 FM – Homegrown Community Radio

Eugene Nonprofit

Discussion with David Zupan from Eugene PeaceWorks (EPW) as well as Adrienne Bennett, Andrew Rosenthal, and Rick. They and Nonprofit Eugene host Sam Evans are working to establish KEPW 97.3 FM, a new community radio station in Eugene. We talked about the history of EPW and the license it holds for a new community radio … Read more

1st KEPW Podcast with Nonprofit Eugene

We met up with Nonprofit Eugene to record our first podcast! See our clips we filmed below or go over to Nonprofit Eugene’s Website to listen to the whole podcast. Clip #1: Clip #2 Clip #3 Clip #4 Clip #5 Clip #6 Clip #7 Clip #8 Clip #9   Also come meet with the Crew … Read more

Introducing Homegrown Radio – Video

Check it out! We have a video now to give the spiel on Homegrown Radio and what we’re all about. Watch it below! A big thanks to Jed Crook for letting us use his awesome music. Check him out at And also a huge thanks to all the community members for showing us their support … Read more

KEPW Sample Programming Sheet

What kinds of programs will KEPW 97.3 put on the air? Here is a sample programming sheet, and we are always open to hearing your ideas for unique radio programs. Email us at Street Talk –> Interviews with everyday people around the city on a variety of local and national issues. Local Sounds –> … Read more

Calling all Local Bands!

Are you a local band looking to get some more exposure and build your fan base? Do you support community media and desire to smash the corporate media machine? Do you want to be part of the grassroots music and information movement? If this describes you, then KEPW 97.3 wants to put your music on … Read more