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Programming Request Form

KEPW would love to hear about your ideas for a show to include in our stream and on 97.3FM!Please submit a programming request form if you would like us to air your public notice or announcement, have music to share, a show you would like to include in our programming, or you would like to be a guest on one of our locally produced shows. We ask producers to give 2 hrs. per month volunteering in some way that helps our station run. Whatever you have to offer, we can find the perfect fit for your contribution! If you have any other questions feel welcome to email us at  If your show idea fits with the KEPW mission, we will do our best to help you have your voice heard!Our process for submissions is as follows:1.  Submit a show request on our website here.2. Your show idea is sent to the KEPW Review Committee followed by our reply to you with more information.3.  You attend at least one KEPW meeting to talk about your show idea.4.  You submit an example of your show as an audio file.  If you need assistance, we will help whenever possible.5.  The KEPW Programming Committee notifies you about the decision about airing your show and tells you when it will be scheduled.After submitting a request form, we will email you an invitation to come to our Thursday KEPW Taskforce meeting, where you can share your idea with everyone and answer questions about how we can help your voice be heard.We offer free training to use the recording equipment at our studio and you can come to our Thursday meetings at 6pm to see if there are others interested in working with you to help produce your show.If you have music or a show already recorded, please submit your request form here and then email your media in an mp3, mp2, or WAV format to You can also mail your CD to Eugene PeaceWorks P.o. Box 11182 Eugene OR 97440.  Please note that all public service announcement requests need to be made at least 10 days prior to an event.
If you want to contribute programming to KEPW, please self-assess your preparedness to produce a high quality show and share answers with us for the following questions.