Now more than ever, we need independent media to give voices to those left unheard by corporate outlets!

KEPW has met FCC requirements and is now streaming online AND broadcasting in the Eugene area at 97.3FM!  Due to last minute complications we have temporarily set up our antenna at ground level with less coverage, but will soon be moving to a better location!

Our very active engineering, programming and fundraising committees can use more members with expertise, but everyone is welcome.  We need volunteers, equipment and funding to keep this project moving ahead.

Please join us by volunteering, sharing your music, or producing your own show to be heard on our stream and at 97.3FM!  

Donate to our Gofundme Campaign or mail your check made out to EPW to PO Box 11182, Eugene OR  97440.


GoFundMe Fundraiser

KEPW is committed to airing diverse voices, music and discussion of controversial issues from unique local, regional, and national producers.  To do this work, we need to raise $850 for music licensing fees, so that we can welcome producers to play whatever music they would like.

Please donate toward our new Gofundme Campaign.



Click here to see a list of the equipment needed by KEPW.  You can support through donating equipment or making a donation.


Rewards for Giving Levels

We are pleased to offer gifts to people donating to KEPW 97.3FM.  Click here for a list of rewards you qualify for when you make your tax deductible donation to Eugene PeaceWorks for KEPW Community Radio.

Thank you for your support from KEPW Homegrown Community Radio!


Everyone is invited! Please click here to volunteer. You can also email us or attend our weekly Radio Committee meetings on Thursdays at 6pm, upstairs at Growers Market (454 Willamette St., Eugene).


KEPW is streaming online at and broadcasting in Eugene, Oregon at 97.3FM with locally produced programming that shines the light on swept-under-the-rug issues and brings diverse voices to the air.  We are very proud to carry “Democracy Now” and to bring back David Barsamian’s popular “Alternative Radio,” which was dropped by KLCC after airing for 30 years! KEPW supports our vibrant arts community by showcasing local music talent and is rapidly increasing its news and entertainment programming with more and more producers going on the air from our studio at Growers Market.


Join Us

KEPW is a listener supported community radio station in Eugene, Oregon. You can hear our programming online, and with your help, we can be moved to a location with a better broadcasting signal by the end of this summer. Please donate below and thank you for your support.



Let your voice be heard! We invite you to attend our weekly radio committee meetings Thursdays 7 p.m., upstairs at Growers Market, 454 Willamette St.,

CONTACT US||  Email:  ||Phone: 541-343-8548