Everyone is invited! Please click here to volunteer. You can also email us or attend our monthly Welcoming Committee meeting and Potluck on the first Thursday of each month at 6pm, upstairs at Growers Market (454 Willamette St., Eugene).

We are KEPW Community Radio

KEPW is a listener supported community radio station for voices left unheard. Click here to enjoy a slideshow of our community at work to provide Eugene, Springfield and the worldwide web with this vital independent source of media.

Rewards for Giving Levels

We are pleased to offer gifts to people donating to KEPW 97.3FM.  Click here for a list of rewards you qualify for when you make your tax deductible donation to Eugene PeaceWorks for KEPW Community Radio.

Thank you for your support from KEPW Homegrown Community Radio!

Be a Sustaining Member of KEPW 97.3FM

Now KEPW 97.3FM has a strong clear broadcast signal and its music licensing fees paid, we are ready to bring our listeners even more great local programming.  Please contribute a small amount monthly to help us pay our ongoing operating costs.  Thank you for being a part of keeping our local music and producers on the air!





Due to the Covid 19 crisis the KEPW office and studio is closed to the public until further notice. 

Your KEPW Producers continue to provide listeners with live and pre-recorded shows made from their homes throughout Lane County and the U.S.

During this crucial time for staying informed about local and national concerns KEPW will continue to provide a platform where our community can stay connected with voices otherwise unheard sharing their experiences and love for one another and our planet.  Important conversations and vital information can be heard 24/7 along with fabulous music and entertainment to nourish your soul while you are staying safe at home.  If you are in a location that has poor radio reception you can listen at  If you want better reception on your radio you can buy an antenna and attach it from your radio to the outside of your house.  This should bring us in better and give you a clear signal on the dial.

Your donations keeps this independent source of media on the air!

Keep alternative voices on the air by becoming a sustaining member of KEPW 97.3FM PeaceWorks Community Radio with a small monthly donation.  Set up your membership with a check made out to Eugene PeaceWorks at P.o. Box 11182 Eugene OR 97440 and say “re-occurring” in the memo line.  You can also call 541-833-0622 or become a member online at  Sign up now!  It’s tax deductible and you will also receive a KEPW Tshirt with a minimum donation of $5 per month.

Now more than ever, we need independent media to give voices to those left unheard by corporate outlets. Check back often to hear the new local programming we’re regularly adding to our schedule!

This is KEPW’s first year putting kids on the air with our Youth Radio Project!  If you are a youth who would like your voice heard or know someone who may want to participate with this project please call us at 541-833-0622 or email

Join us by volunteering, sharing your music, or producing your own show to be heard on our stream and at 97.3FM!

Our very active engineering, programming, and fundraising committees can always use more members, especially those with expertise but everyone is welcome.  Volunteers, equipment, and funding all keep this project moving ahead.

Become a sustaining member with a small monthly donation and help numerous voices in our community be heard.  Be a part of bringing topics from economics to environmental issues, local music talent and more on the air from youth, minorities, and other local, national and international producers.  Sign up with 100% of your donation going to KEPW by calling 541-833-0622 or emailing

Make your tax deductible donation online or mail your check made out to EPW to PO Box 11182, Eugene OR  97440. EPW ID# 93-1240639



KEPW is streaming online at and broadcasting in Eugene, Oregon at 97.3FM with locally produced programming that shines the light on swept-under-the-rug issues and brings diverse voices to the air.  We are very proud to carry “Democracy Now” and to bring back David Barsamian’s popular “Alternative Radio,” which was dropped by KLCC after airing for 30 years! KEPW supports our vibrant arts community by showcasing local music talent and is rapidly increasing its news and entertainment programming with more and more producers going on the air from our studio at Growers Market, 454 Willamette St. Eugene, Oregon.


Join Us

KEPW is a listener supported community radio station in Eugene, Oregon. You can hear our programming online, and with your help, we can be moved to a location with a better broadcasting signal by the end of this summer. Please donate below and thank you for your support.


Let your voice be heard! We invite anybody to attend our Community Potluck on the first Monday of the month at 6 p.m., upstairs at Growers Market, 454 Willamette St.

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