Listen to Body Count on Sundays

It looks like the end game is beginning in Ukraine. I’m sure Zelensky was provided a nice lunch at the Elysee Palace but was informed by hosts Macron and Scholtz that they would not provide him heavy armor requested. The US has lately floated stories in WaPo and the NYT about post-war agreements including Russian … Read more

New Year predictions

1. There will be major civil and criminal lawsuits re covid-19 in efforts to circumvent the PREP Act. Several have already succeeded with more to come.2. Russia will force Ukraine and NATO into a binding European security arrangement as it has proposed for the last 8 years. Russia will keep, at the least, Crimea and … Read more

Stay alert

History is shifting at an accelerated rate however invisible on the calendar. We must stay especially alert during holidays when attention is directed toward the local and familiar.

KEPW producer/candidate

Don’t forget that KEPW producer Dan Pulju is running as Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate. Dan’s weekly program is “Body Count,” which reports the genocidal consequences of violent U.S. imperialism (that is reliably supported by both mainstream parties.)


Hi. I hope this finds all of you and your family and your friends well. My name is Nan Cohen. I am the producer of LIGHT Radio. What is LIGHT Radio? LIGHT Radio is a radio program that takes the listener on a journey into the exploration of LIGHT and LIGHTWork. This is a gradual … Read more

Preserving old growth forest

Irrespective of diverse views on climate change, its rate, causes and consequences, there’s no legitimate argument about the importance of saving ancient forests that soak up lots of CO2 and provide us as well as the UO track team enough oxygen for digging weeds and distance running. It’s been a long-ongoing worldwide fight in the … Read more

KEPW & emerging history

A tectonic power shift in world history is rapidly underway, from a US/Europe-dominated unipolar system to a multipolar system – prominently including the China/Russia-led Shanghai Cooperation Organization and indigenous majority countries in the Global South that are resisting and rejecting exploitative neoliberal capitalism – for which most Americans are appallingly unprepared due to our saturation … Read more