KEPW Attends Eugene Barter Faire

April 24, 2024

KEPW volunteers had a blast last Saturday bringing our table, Tee shirts and bumper stickers, to an Earth Day celebration and Barter Faire at BNF Kombucha and Jun out on Prairie Road.

There was a definite air of celebration and excitement as the Barter Faire spirit came to Eugene for the first time ever. Music and dancing provided the spirit as people came to trade what they had and make all sorts of connections, attend workshops, and engage in the flow arts.

KEPW contributed by going live on the air from the Barterfaire with many excellent local musicians heard between 11am and 7pm.  Along with offering a free raffle, we loved meeting new friends and spreading the word about our station. It gave our volunteers and producers a chance to do some outreach by setting up our table at the event, making contact with old listeners and new friends.

We enjoyed the DJ/ Rapper/Racoon/Wizard, not to mention organizer of the event, Plaedo, as well as Torin Frost from Seattle, and the infectious local Zimbabwe international music band De Solution among many more.