KEPW Resource Page is Updated and Ready For Use

April 25, 2024

As you may or may not have noticed, we have been trying  to give some love and attention  to our website recently.  Part of that effort has been updating our Resources page which has admittedly been stuck in the COVID era for a while now.

The Resources page has been updated and revamped, and the idea has been to create a hub for just about any form of social service anyone might need.  So now, it is much more comprehensive, and between the page and its links gives access to a lot more help in our community.

The first section concerns itself with general information about local services and particularly useful is the link to the 211 database, where you can enter your zip code and click on the kind of social service you want, and it will spit out a nice big list.

You could just dial 211 and  speak to a live human, but this takes some waiting sometimes, and the link above is the same database their operators use, so if you are in a hurry, it is the way to go.

We are also happy to include our own 146 page KEPW Community Resource Guide, which took a year to compile, covers a lot of ground, and sometimes has services that 211 does not.

The rest of the Resources page concerns specific issues many people are dealing with, as well as resources for specific segments of the population.  In this section there are some valuable short documents, like a one page Emergency Number/Crisis datasheet.

We all see people at risk or going through tough times and we are hoping that our Resource page will be a valuable resource for our listeners if they need a service themselves, or want to help out someone else.

Feedback is welcome.