Introducing Discothèque Radio, with DJ Soulcaller

April 22, 2024

KEPW is excited to announce its new show Discothèque Radio, with DJ Soulcaller.

Discothèque Radio draws its name from the French word for ‘record collection,’ reflecting its deep musical roots, it pays homage to the clandestine 1940s speakeasy parties in occupied France where the art of DJing began to form. 

The show features live performances from its hosts and a rotating lineup of curated guest DJs. Additionally, Discothèque Radio serves as a vibrant platform for the Eugene electronic music community, providing shoutouts to local events and spotlighting the scene’s dynamic culture. Each episode also offers insightful segments that delve into the history of music genres and the intricate art of DJing, with an aim to enrich listener’s appreciation and understanding of the craft.

DJ Soulcatcher has been a House, Techno, Drum and Bass, and Breaks DJ for over two decades as a part of the underground electronic music scenes of Portland, Seattle, Austin, Tulum and Eugene. His performances have been featured in numerous clubs and festivals, leaving a positive spin on venues like Portland’s esteemed Groove Suite and House Call series and larger events including Soak, Shift Festival, and select camps and art cars at Burning Man.

In addition to his DJing career, Soulcaller has also made significant contributions as an event producer and has also been an enjoyable presence on several radio stations and online broadcasts including Portland’s 90.7FM KBOO, KZSU Stanford 90.1FM, Chicago House FM, Current Productions Radio, Sugar Shack Recordings, and Radio Tulum.

Currently, Soulcaller is focused on enriching the cultural landscape of Eugene through ‘Beats & Boards’ 

 a unique event series that combines music and board games and is held every Monday at 6:30-9:30pm at Beergarden in Eugene.

In addition to introducing the KEPW audience to electronic music from far and wide, and connecting us with the local dance community, DJ Soulcatcher and his cohosts and guest DJs provide knowledgeable commentary on the history of the music.

He has also built a sweet computer for our Youth Radio program, and will be helping out the Engineering team with keeping the station running.

Welcome aboard Jesse (His home, not stage name), we  are really looking forward to your show.

You can catch Discothèque Radio’s first show on May 4th, the first Saturday in May