Indivisible Eugene – A community political group allied with others working for social justice in our community

 Indivisible Eugene is a grassroots all-volunteer 501c4 community group working toward building a progressive future. Their mission is to build a local, inclusive resistance movement to oppose regressive policies by collaborating with ally groups to promote a just democracy and support the common good. Indivisible Eugene values inclusivity, community, nonviolence, fairness, and factuality. They work to act with awareness of oppression and privilege. They reject oppressive actions and rhetoric, standing against intolerance and efforts to divide communities. They act within the law to accomplish their mission. All are welcome to participate.

Current focus projects include electoral work towards flipping Congress in 2018 and ally work supporting people of color working for social justice in our community.
You can find out more on their facebook page or email:
Questions/further info/interview:, 541-510-6450.
Indivisible Eugene is a sponsor of the 4/20/18 KEPW / Wow HallGreen Earth Ball