KEPW needs your support to get on the air!

With the results of this election, more than ever it is important for independent media to give voice to those left unheard through corporate media outlets.  Now operating out of our office in Growers Market, KEPW is already streaming online with programming that shines light on swept-under-the-rug issues and brings diverse voices to the air.  We support our vibrant arts community by showcasing local music talent and eventually comedy and other spoken word.  We are very proud to carry “Democracy Now” and to bring back David Barsamian’s popular “Alternative Radio” which was dropped by KLCC after airing for 30 years!

Recently our engineers successfully located a suitable high tower for our antenna that will meet FCC requirements and provide a strong signal to reach Eugene and Springfield. Our FCC construction permit provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us to move beyond internet streaming to putting this vital programming on the airwaves, reaching home and car radios throughout the area. We must raise over $10,000 to cover transmission equipment, installation and antenna tower leasing costs in order to start broadcasting at 97.3 FM in February 2017. To acquire a broadcast license, we must meet this deadline, so it is vital that we raise funds as soon as possible. We are excited to tell you we have raised more than $4000 toward that goal with grants pending for more.

Please make your tax deductible donation at