Get to Know: Hard Rain and Slow Trains with Daniel Mackay

The following interview was produced for the 89th episode of the KEPW Weekly News program. Joshua: Today I’m speaking with Daniel McKay who produces a weekly radio show for KEPW called hard rain and slow trains, Bob Dylan and fellow travelers. He began listening to Bob Dylan in January of 1989 and has seen him … Read more

Get to Know: Talk is Cheap

Talk is Cheap presents lectures and interviews from groups with solutions to state sponsored corporatism punctuated with progressive rock, jazz fusion and sardonic wit on KEPW from 4-5pm on Saturdays. Host DJSuss D has studied and experimented with Sustainable Design for over 40 years and has been involved with many community radio projects. He seeks … Read more

Get to Know: DEADISH and Jeff Harrison

By Jeff Harrison “Do you like good music—that sweet Deadish music?” (Hear Wilson Pickett.) Well, lucky for us, though “the band’s all packed and gone,” the music never stopped. It’s here for you every Thursday night at 9:00—in many different forms, but all “deadish.” In early 2019 KEPW decided a Grateful Dead show would be … Read more

Get to Know: The KEPW Weekly News Team

The KEPW Weekly News team is a group of community members that identify as being from KEPW or other organizations that are interested in reporting on the under-reported, and helping to bring community happenings to a wider audience. We tend to focus on a number of local issues such as the unhoused, emergency preparedness, and … Read more