Get to Know: DEADISH and Jeff Harrison

By Jeff Harrison

“Do you like good music—that sweet Deadish music?” (Hear Wilson Pickett.)

Well, lucky for us, though “the band’s all packed and gone,” the music never stopped. It’s here for you every Thursday night at 9:00—in many different forms, but all “deadish.” In early 2019 KEPW decided a Grateful Dead show would be a good idea—this is, after all, Eugene, and we only had two other such shows on other stations: clearly we needed more! I was invited to do it, and what an honor! But I asked if it could be not just the Dead, but anything in that vein—i.e., “deadish.” So that’s what it is!

You’ll hear Kimock, Phil Lesh, Hot Tuna, Allman Brothers, Pink Floyd, Phish, String Cheese—etc. Mostly Grateful Dead, though, and often a concert from the same date as the radio broadcast—flashbacks in time. I encourage requests, and enjoy chatting with callers.

Feel free to contact me any time at

I first saw the Grateful Dead in 1972, and enjoyed many (don’t ask!) shows thereafter. Zero became my favorite band when I first saw them in ’86, and I’ve kept up the Kimock connection. A big part of the Grateful Dead and Zero life was tape trading—so I ended up with a couple of walls and many drawers full of cassettes. Nowadays, though, people trade hard drives—and most of what I play comes from my 12 TB drive full of sounds. That’s where I go searching.

One friend said the show reminds him of the free-form programs in the early days of FM. It’s not much talk, and two hours of great music—all good stuff, as the Grateful Dead’s promos used to say.