Why listen to KEPW?

If you love classical music, you know your default radio station. If you’re a sports enthusiast, you know your default radio station. If you like “oldies” music, you know where to automatically tune. As a child, did you like the same comforting bedtime story every night?

If any of these, stick with familiar MSM faces and entertainment, comforting MSM news voices, and the simple, official, ever-repeated narratives to keep you firmly seated anonymously within a vast audience applauding in unison on cue.

But if you want less predictability, unexpected pleasures and unexpected information, and want to see behind the stage curtain, KEPW will often be the right station for you.

As a Pacifica Radio affiliate, we draw from their broad menu of programming plus lots of locally produced shows. These include local, Northwest and global music, jazz, news and public affairs from non-mainstream sources and perspectives, and discussions of local issues by local people.

Just set your dial at 97.3 FM and see what happens.