TLN — The Last Nuke Produced by Louisa Hamachek of NiP-NW. The Nuke Info Project-NW

A weekly half hour radio show Monday’s at 7:30pm on and 97.3FM PeaceWorks Community Radio in Eugene Oregon.

This weekly radio show is to help Shut Down CGS safely ASAP!

CGS is an old nuke (1984 ) with pipe embrittlement and cement breakdown from years of radioactive bombardment.
The Columbia Generating Station, the last commercial nuclear power plant in the NW . To be safe let’s shut it down now.

CGS is right next to a newly discovered dangerously close deep long fault line from the Seattle Fault  .This expected 7.2 huge quake would break the under built nuke (6.8) leading to a meltdown like Chernobyl  and Fukushima. with fires and fallout to hurt us and highly radioactive cooling waters pouring into the river and saturating the groundwater.

“ The Last  Nuke “ radio show hammers away at CGS each week with a condensed half hour  focused on one part of the science , safety or politics to shut down CGS.: POLLUTION, TRIBES,  THE GRID, VETERANS,  CLIMATE, PROXIMITY TO HANFORD BOMB WASTE , GOVERNMENT IN CHARGE, FUKUSHIMA TRUTHOUT, RADIATION PHYSICS,  Geiger Counter Use Radiation MATERIAL BREAKDOWN, HEALTH HARM ,AGRICULTURE Industry Loss Potential,CHERNOBYL AREA LANDS RUINED,CANCER  & BIRTH DEFECTS , DISASTER PREPAREDNESS …

Who is in charge ? You are , I am

We are hitting from different angles each week to help listeners lean about CGS and if they choose to, talk intelligently and informed with their Congressional elected representatives and neighbors to SHUT DOWN the CGS Nuke SAFELY ASAP,
before the big 7.2 Earthquake hits
( see Earth Island Journal May 2015 google : Seismic Timebomb Columbia).

Should the nuke be operating still when the ground shakes hard, pipes and cement containment building will break  and MELTDOWN of the uranium core and fire will probably occur.

A Nuclear accident at CGS  would result in Radioactive Fallout shot up hot  and high into the air.  The hot particles would be carried on the winds in any direction 5 % of the days it blows down the Columbia west to Portland and curves south reaches Eugene Like Chernobyl and Fukushima spread out along the river valleys. Portland Oregon has 2.35 million people living there.

In about 1 month the fallout will have traveled all around the Northern Hemisphere dropping in rain on innocent ones giving leukemia cancer particularly to children and birth defects to the future generations.
CGS is located in the NW at the Hanford Bomb Site, where no more nuke waste is to be made.

CGS adds 40 tons to the Hanford Uranium nuke waste collection every 2 years by refueling .

CGS endangers those downstream. Irrigation waters are used to grow our foods, milk and wines… Thousands of Cows were killed and buried because of radiation waste in Scotland 1400 miles away–from eating the grass with Chernobyl fallout on it . The old nuke CGS is just  10 miles upriver of Richland Washington, which is surrounded by irrigated Columbia Plateau farm fields and the Tri Cities with 264,000 souls. Pasco gets its drinking water from the Columbia River.

CGS is in the middle of the Columbia Basin is surrounded by tribal lands and reservations. It is on a bend in the Columbia River which is the national preserve for spawning salmon. The Hanford CGS Nuke is 320 miles from the sea at Astoria Oregon where it would kill much sea life and contaminate our seafood. Much of the Alaska Wild Salmon travel from the Columbia River estuary.

CGS is 170 miles from the windsurfers in Hood River, 220 miles upriver of Portland area, and 58 miles north of Pendleton, Oregon.

CGS is just 2.3 miles from a newly discovered BIG deep long fault line expected to produce a huge 7.2 earthquake when it releases. Geologists connected the dots in the 2010s, realizing short faults were connected all the way to the South Whidbey Island plate tectonics fault line.

“The Last Nuke”  radio show and the accompanying blog” will help you understand the dangers of CGS and the ways to “get that machine shut down” as Our Rep Peter DeFazio said in the Eugene Town Hall in 2019.

The Last Nuke is Produced by Louisa Hamachek NiP-NW Nuke Info Project – NW

Louisa Hamachek–an Anti Nuclear activist for 50 years.

Since I was a teenager in high school on a field trip with my American Civ class to  our local nuke, Yankee Atomic Power Plant in the back woods of Massachusetts.
It creeped me out. The steady hum…

Now I go surfing on the radioactive  waters of the internet like there’s no tomorrow.  History, science, personal letters, great articles, diagrams, and much more.

I usually use graphic activism to move people with art but now its turning to sound bits with an accompanying blog just starting up.

As a graphic activist I have been using photography, film, posters, newsletters, maps, words, drawings and graphics reacting to the blocked science politics greed and corruption that endangers us, as social change art to close the nuclear death industry down and replace it with renewable energy.

I teach Solar Energy to kids at Music festivals, community gatherings and school groups as “The Solar Circus of the Sea” uplifting their ingenuity with a well stocked Inventatorium play space and kid physics solar laboratory. I offer youth demonstrations with questions to solve and I published a small handbook to give out on “How to Capture the Sun” NiP-NW Nuke Info Project-NW.

I now research nuclear issues as an addiction and lay it out as fast as I can.
To help folks deal with my onslaught of  information and realizations of connected dots  about 10 years ago I made a hand- drawn map of the sites that are concerns around here, called “Nuclear Northwest”. I keep printing it with Nuclear northwest news on the back. I drive around near the sites snooping and seeing what the locals feel and distribute the map and news. I post my map and news in grocery stores, libraries, truck stops and cafes
I have started a NW ecological network last year to point the finger and stop all kinds of pollution and wanton destruction , CRABS (Columbia River Alliance for Basin Stewardship).

I can feel the cold sludge in some eco groups who are belabored by their heady bureaucracy and nonprofit status so they hesitate to make strong fast political statements , but we need to network and support each other as groups and as individuals, in our dangerous work of stopping corporate and military polluters.

To stay abreast of current issues and help out as we can for the health of the environment, animals and the people especially the innocent children  I have started CRABS as me n my dog and s few friends including some kids.It is starting with me and email letters should be sent to me as the first email list editor and publisher, about your local work.

Now the radio shows have begun in Autumn 2019 phewwwww w… I can let out some steam. Graphics and good info shall appear on this page and in my blog at

Let’s work together to shut down the last nuke in the Northwest now!

Anti Nuke Groups I have worked with in my past and now:
CA  Clamshell Alliance – Boston
DYS. Damn Yankee Society. New England
ACT-NOW.  Albuquerque Citizens Together in the Nuclear Opposition War
SWRIC. SW Research and Information Center( I designed their logo when 22 which they still use yay what a great science based group )
CANP&W. Citizens Against  Nuclear Power & Weapons – In Chicago we organized the Nuke Loop Tour a group of vehicles busses and taxicab etc. We toured and camped around northern Illinois with press conferences to the surrounding nuclear sites around Chicago with “Please Don’t Nuke My Dog” posters stapled  to telephone poles  at intersections with photo of dog and details.

Around these parts I listen to the good folks of Heart of America, NWVeterans for Peace, Columbia Riverkeepers, Shoshone Alliance, Free Celillo Falls, Hanford Challenge, Snake River Alliance, Hanford Watch, and PSR Physicians for Social Responsibility.
Plus Dr. Helen Caldecott, Dr Rosalie Bertel, Dr John Goffman, Trivalley Cares, – watchdogs of Livermore Labs,NEIS Nuclear Energy Info Service, Beyond Nuclear, NIRS Nuclear Info and Resource Service, CANDU Citizens Against Nuclear DU, and more.

I am up for sharing this nuke info research and dissemination hobby if you want to jump on my toboggan. Let’s meet up at a cafe
with Peace , Love and Curiosity. I salute you, my perfect stranger as my possible walking companion. and