Get to Know: Island Earth Radio with Mike Meyer

Island Earth Radio is a collection of multicultural, multi-genre songs about nature. It may be one of the only nature-positive shows on radio anywhere in the world and is especially needed in this era of disconnection for our natural world and climate change. Songs from around the world are supplemented with national artists such as Peter Rowan, Keith Greeninger, Claudia Schmidt, Pure Fe, R Carlos Nakai, and regional artists including Peia, Alice DiMicele, Ananda Yogigi, and the Sugarbeets. KEPW airs Island Earth Radio Sundays 8 am to 9 am and it is also carried on Veneta, Roseburg, Salem, and Portland Stations.

DJ Mike Meyer has been doing public and community radio for 41 continuous years and adds poems and sounds to the array of songs. Island Earth Radio was created to inspire connection to nature and reflect on soul-stirring effects of music about our natural world. Mike can be reached at and is an addictions and mental health counselor working at Lane Community College.