KEPW Sample Programming Sheet

What kinds of programs will KEPW 97.3 put on the air? Here is a sample programming sheet, and we are always open to hearing your ideas for unique radio programs. Email us at

Street Talk –> Interviews with everyday people around the city on a variety of local and national issues.
Local Sounds –> An eclectic mix of pre-recorded music from local and regional artists.
Earth Beat –> Interviews with environmental activists on global warming and the state of this planet we call home.
Golden Era Hiphop –> A diverse mix of hip-hop from the mid 1980s through the mid 1990s.
Story Hour –> Local folks telling stories.
Avante Garde Jazz –> A unique hour of music combining avante garde creativity and improvisation with jazz music.
Sticking to the Union –> The voices of labor, local unions, worker rights and issues.
Millennial Talk –> A program run by millenialls, providing their insights on the economy, technology, relationships and sexuality, etc.
KEPW News Roundup –> Progressive and radical commentary and debate on local and national news.
Sports with Kids –> Kids update us on the state of local sports.
Live @ KEPW –> Interviews and exclusive live mini-concerts with local and visiting bands playing shows around Eugene.
Grad the Popcorn –> A discussion of what’s new in the theatres, opinions and reviews of new films.
Your Voice Here –> KEPW’s exclusive call-in show so that anyone can voice in on local issues.
Fish Tales –> Interviews and life philosophy from the minds of Oregon fishermen.
Nuclear News & Opinion –> Anti-nuclear activists discuss nuclear issues and how they affect us all.
Living Well –> Programming dedicated to total body health, wellness, and treating ourselves well.
Satired Out –> Political satire – a hilarious way to reveal important truths about our political system.
Hear Us Roar–> Women’s voices, feminist debate, updates on women’s issues in politics, and call-ins on pressing issues.
Know Your Farmers –>Interviews with local farmers, tips for growing your own food, etc.
Aspiring Citizens –> Program dedicated to immigrant voices, legislation, and the experience of being undocumented in the US.
Cop Watch –> Conversations around police violence, accountability, the criminalization of people of color and the homeless, the prison industrial complex, and how we as a community can combat these trends.

5 thoughts on “KEPW Sample Programming Sheet”

  1. The foreclosure crisis is another subject you might want to talk about. I am posting a link to a few interviews with Ken Dost from Portland, Oregon, by South Africa’s ZA-Talkradio (out of Johannesburg). Ken discusses his research on the licensing agreements and derivatives that are created without our knowledge when we sign what we think are mortgage, car, credit card, etc. loan agreements. Listen to all the ZA Talkradio recordings with Ken. It’s somewhat complicated stuff, but eventually you will understand. Our economic lives are entirely engineered by patented processes, and the end game is to steal the People’s personal and intellectual property. Great discussion on how the game is rigged and possible ways to deal. Everyone is affected by what is going on whether you have loans or not!

  2. All Power To The Positive!

    Hip-Hop for the ‘politically erect’ (Lol)!

    Art, culture, history, politics, philosophy, science, martial arts, music, humor, and more.

    Official unofficial pod-cannon of Occupy/Decolonize Seattle and BlackLivesMatter (Seattle)!

  3. Like to hear/see programs hosted and produced by and for women, children, teenagers, seniors, people of color, LBGT, local artists/musicians broadcasted live on a regular basis and others who feel they’ve been marginalized or totally excluded from Eugene’s airwaves.

    • That was probably this episode of Alternative Radio, a show that an old station here dropped, and we picked it up as one of our first shows :-). We also just put a Spanish-language news show back on the radio locally after it was Internet-only for quite a while. We have about 10 very local shows on the air and 20+ in the pipeline.

      Just took a look at the WAIF site – niiice, since 1975! I always love looking at a new schedule, and will definitely copy your idea of putting the link to propose a show onto our program schedule. One question: Is Liberation Time available as a podcast?

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