Stardust Explained

(Saturns icy E-ring)

In the Stardust Explained show we talk about all things space, ranging from billions of years ago to trillions of years in the future! The shows goal is to edjucate any and all who want to broaden there knowledge. We mainly teach the topic astronomy but sometimes others leak in, like atomic physics!

(Pluto and Charon, captured by New Horizons)

It’s all easy to learn, and we break the universe down into 30 minute bite – sized episodes. The typical layout of the show always has the station ID, a news segment for new discoveries, breakthroughs and launch dates, the education section (the longest part and the whole point of the episode), an astroculture section where we talk about how astronomy has made it’s way into everyday life, and a song at the end! The whole point of the show is to clear the air and prove that rocket science isn’t as scary as it sounds, so please, feel free to ask any questions!

(Earth and Moon, captured by Voyager 1970’s)
(M81 Black hole, the only real image of a blackhole!)
Referred to as “The Pale Blue Dot”, captured by the Voyager 1 spacecraft on February 14th, 1990. The image features the Earth Moon system from around 6 billion kilometers away, above the plane of the solar system. In many’s eyes, it is the single greatest image ever taken. (Credit NASA for the images, they are all real and not or Photoshop)