KEPW News Weekly – Episode #99

This week on KEPW News Weekly Edition:

  • Dan Pilju showed up at The People’s Forum and discussed his Green Party candidacy for US Senate.
  • Members of the public speak out about police violence against protesters.
  • STAR Voting lets voters better express their opinions by rating all the candidates on a scale of 0-5.
  • The New Era Convergence brought people together to work on solutions to pressing issues.
  • And more!

We are going to be experimenting with a new rotating format for the Radio show that will have newer articles playing at the beginning of the broadcast, and older ones toward the end. This will allow us to air more timely stories, but won’t be conducive to the weekly podcast format. So this will be our last podcast episode for the time being. Shows can still be streamed on demand after they have aired by visiting the KEPW archive page.

This show is also broadcast on KEPW 97.3 FM in Eugene, Oregon on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Sundays at 6am and 1:30pm.