Homegrown Radio is online!

Welcome all to Homegrown Radio. We are the low-powered FM radio station KEPW 97.3, hosted out of Eugene Oregon through our parent organization, Eugene PeaceWorks. We are dedicated to giving a voice back to local communities and breaking away from the commercially controlled radio landscape where only a few conglomerate voices make it into the airwaves.

In preparation for the launch of Homegrown Radio we have gotten our website up and running! From here we will be able to start hosting our content and shows for the listening pleasure of our audience, you. Coming soon also we will start broadcasting a live stream online and posting up wonderful content that will be indicative of the spirit of Homegrown Radio.

One Response to “Homegrown Radio is online!

  • Vicki Anderson
    6 years ago

    Great job Tyler you have done an awesome job here I look forward to hearing from the on line KEPW.

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