KEPW Resource Page is Updated and Ready For Use

April 25, 2024 As you may or may not have noticed, we have been trying  to give some love and attention  to our website recently.  Part of that effort has been updating our Resources page which has admittedly been stuck in the COVID era for a while now. The Resources page has been updated and … Read more

KEPW Attends Eugene Barter Faire

April 24, 2024 KEPW volunteers had a blast last Saturday bringing our table, Tee shirts and bumper stickers, to an Earth Day celebration and Barter Faire at BNF Kombucha and Jun out on Prairie Road. There was a definite air of celebration and excitement as the Barter Faire spirit came to Eugene for the first … Read more

Introducing Discothèque Radio, with DJ Soulcaller

April 22, 2024 KEPW is excited to announce its new show Discothèque Radio, with DJ Soulcaller. Discothèque Radio draws its name from the French word for ‘record collection,’ reflecting its deep musical roots, it pays homage to the clandestine 1940s speakeasy parties in occupied France where the art of DJing began to form.  The show … Read more